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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

FOOD- Easy Spinach Muffins

Mini Spinach Muffins
Best Spinach Muffin Recipe | Weelicious We've made these several times. My son loves them and excitedly yells, "spinach!"

The website is one of my favorites to find fun recipes! There are so many creative and healthy ideas for toddlers.

This was the first one I tried. You don't taste the spinach at all but there is a cup of packed leaves mixed in! I made these a couple of months ago and they were a hit. They seemed a little dry and didn't have much of a taste, but that didn't seem to phase my 2 yr old. 

This time, I decided to put in half a banana to try to moisten and maybe sweeten them up a bit. I had everything ready and mixed, but I couldn't find the bananas that I had just bought while grocery shopping! After calling the store, they confirmed that I left a bag of fruit there. ARG...  I ran to a closer one and quickly bought a few bananas because I really wanted to see if they would make a difference. 

I must have really packed the spinach in tightly because my batter was very GREEN! 

It said to spray the pan with cooking spray so I sprayed a little olive oil cooking spray in each spot. When the muffins came out, they had brown spots on the bottom and sides! I thought maybe it was from using the cooking spray because my pan looked like it was a non-stick type.

With my next batch, I decided to experiment and not use any cooking spray. I figured if it really was a non-stick pan, they should pop right out. If it wasn't, I could feed the crumbled mess to my 10 month old. 

It was NOT a non-stick pan.... As I pulled the muffins out, the top separated a little from the base. Most of them came out in one piece with just a little opening. It actually worked out well though because it's the perfect place to put butter right inside! 

They still are hard to swallow without a drink after each bite. Not sure how to make them better. This time they weren't dry, but they were almost sticky. I'm not usually a butter person, but spreading a little on each piece made it a lot easier to swallow. 

My daughter enjoyed 2-3 of them at breakfast, and my son really liked them with his avocado. He made a pretty big mess with the crumbs, but enjoyed it! 

My next step will be how to make them even healthier... 

Substituting the sugar with something else maybe?
Using whole wheat flour, or half and half? 

I would love to hear some suggestions!

This recipe was on my "Kid Food" Board


  1. Try a cup of milk in the batter. I think these would be delicious with a cup of sharp cheddar cheese mixed in-think of it as adding dairy nutrients ;)

    1. Also a 1/4 tsp each of garlic salt, onion powder, and pepper would pep of the lack of flavor you were speaking of

    2. If you decide to use my above mentioned spices, omit the vanilla and sugar

    3. Interesting idea to make it more salty instead of sweet. The banana helped make it sweeter. Those are good suggestions. Thanks!