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Friday, May 17, 2013

KIDS-Sensory-Shaving Cream Bags

Shaving Cream play

This was a really fun and easy activity. I picked up some regular shaving cream for under a dollar and some bags that zip shut. I thought it would have less of a risk of them popping open, but forgot that it would be a HUGE temptation for a toddler. She needed a few warnings not to unzip the bags. The double closing kind might be better.

I decided to put different items in each bag to have different textures. In one bag, I put elbow noodles. In another, beans mixed with old popcorn kernels. In one I did just shaving cream.

I found some little game pieces that were different colors that were fun to find by squishing the bag.

The bags felt soft and fluffy.  I didn't dare let my baby play with them because they went straight to his mouth. He'll enjoy them when he's a little older.

I had just picked up some food coloring, so I thought it would be fun to put color in some of the bags. My daughter wanted blue and orange.

My sister asked what happens to them with time, because when shaving cream is exposed to the air, it dries and shrivels up. I had no idea what would happen since it was in an air tight container. I figured the bags with noodles would probably absorb the shaving cream and get soft. After about a week, this is what the bags looked like. The shaving cream pretty much disappeared!

I filled them up one more time (which is when I added the food coloring), played with them a little more, and then I disposed of them. 

It was a fun project. The ziplock bags that I used did leak a little bit over the days that they were sitting. I could smell the strong scent of the shaving cream from the other room! I'm sure she will love to play with these again sometime. 

I also saw that they have used shower gel with the same concept and put ocean toys or glitter in them. 

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