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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Previous Projects (Gifts, Cleaning, and Misc)

Here are the rest of the projects I have attempted from Pinterest. From now on, I will take pictures of my process and final accomplishment (or disaster).  I will dedicate an entire post to the project I am trying. I may end up trying to organize by doing certain themes on certain days.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions about how to make this blog more enjoyable.

Hollowed book for hiding treasures.

A few years ago I made a hollowed out book as a Christmas gift for my brother who loves to read and has an extensive library. It was much more work than I had anticipated, probably because I was using a dull utility knife! I could only cut through a few pages at a time, and it was a thick book! The end result was pretty good and I thought it was a fun project! Next time I would try to use some sort of dremmel tool or electric knife to cut through the pages. 

Crocheted Scarf
Didn't look JUST like this....

I wish the above picture is what my scarf turned out like! It was not quite like that, and a side by side might be one of the funny yet shameful "pinterest fails" (or we'll just say "learning experience"). I tried to duplicate it by sight for my sister a few years ago. Luckily she is eccentric and likes imperfection  (says it adds character) so she enjoyed it. I would like to try this one again with a bigger crochet hook and thick yarn. 

Drain Cleaner
Drain cleaner

Although this is surely an old and common trick, I didn't come across it until seeing this pin.  I tried it one time with my clogged bathtub and it didn't work as I had hoped. I think it must work better on small clogs of grime, where my problem was clumps of hair.  I don't think I used enough vinegar because I only had a little on hand.

Has anyone tried this with success?

Cleaning Pans-Baking Soda & Peroxide
baking soda and peroxide to clean gunk off nasty baking sheets.

I was excited to try this and get the kind of result shown in the picture... but again, either my pans were past the point of no return, or I must not have scrubbed hard/long enough. I may try this again in the upcoming days and record my outcome.

Folding Fitted Sheet
KIND of worked....

This worked pretty well, but it did not look like the end product in the picture (I'm starting to wonder if anything ever does?). It did help me to get it into a general shape that matched the other sheet, and probably will get better with practice.

These past 3 posts were the projects I have already done, and hopefully I will get many more accomplished by using this as my incentive and sharing the pins that an ordinary person like myself can accomplish!  If you would like to see me try something that I have pinned (and be the guinea pig to see if it works), please leave a comment and I will do my best to try it out (if it's reasonable).  Here is my Pinterest page if you don't already follow...

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