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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

GIFT- Father's Day

I saw this when I was searching Pinterest for Father's Day ideas, and instantly fell in love!  I didn't know how to use the phrases until I walked by some cheap frames at Walmart ($3 each). I picked up 3, and an idea started forming in my head.     I don't usually do crafty projects, so I was a little nervous. Luckily, when it's a gift "from the kids" there is room for a lot of special "creativity". I decided to let the kids paint the outside of the canvas and put the baby's footprint in one frame, and the toddler's handprint in the other. I got a long, skinny frame to hold a picture of each in the middle.

My son enjoyed painting his canvas...while I stayed close by to prevent a mouth full of paint!

We didn't have much luck with the footprint and handprint, especially since the paint we used was watery, washable project paint (non-toxic). We made it work and found a few that would be acceptable. 

I don't have access to a printer at the moment, so I had to print out the sayings at my sister's house. It was then up to me to write "Dad" on the top of each canvas with a sharpie (we'll just say it added to the homemade aspect).  Our daughter was so excited to tell Daddy that she painted for him even though it was still a secret and we were going to finish it in the morning. He knew something was up, but didn't know specifics and had fun trying to coerce more info out of her to tease me. Here is the outcome of our effort.

I didn't get to put them where I wanted because the wall wasn't cooperating with the nails I was trying to pound in. But they are right above a nice electric fireplace in the livingroom where Daddy can look at them each time he comes in. 

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