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Saturday, July 13, 2013

FOOD TRICK-Cutting Watermelon

How To Cut Watermelon - so easy don't know why i did it ant other way! Saw this on The Chew and have been cutting watermelon like this ever since.  So easy!!

I am SO glad I found this pin about how to cut watermelon!! It takes less than 5 minutes to cut up the whole thing into perfect little squares! Check out the above link for her tutorial on how to pick a good one and cut it!
First, cut it in half...and then in half again so you are working with a quarter.

I usually cut close to the rind first, but I noticed in the link that she does it as a last step. I think I will try doing it at the end next time to see if it works better.

 Next, make cuts parallel with the flat side of the quarter (the link might explain it better).

 Do it to the other side too...

Then, make cuts straight down to make the squares whatever size you'd like.

Dump it in the bowl, and you're all set!

The result is perfectly delicious little watermelon squares.

Please leave a comment if you try it!!


  1. I'm going to try this. I just cut watermelon the other day on my own. Definitely not as pretty and definitely not in squares!

  2. I love watermelon but hate cutting it :( This way looks so simple. I'll give it a try next time my kid puts a watermelon in the shopping cart :)

    1. I used to hate cutting it because it took forever! I learned this at the beginning of summer and have used it ever since!

  3. Hey Kristin! This is so neat! It's cheaper to buy a half or whole watermelon instead of the already cut sections; now this idea makes it even better! I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow, and I'll have to try this if the store still has watermelons. Thanks for sharing! :-)

    1. Yes! It is easy to cut it all up at once! Sometimes I save half to cut later, but since it goes so fast, I don't mind doing it twice! Thanks for stopping by!