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Friday, July 12, 2013

SPIRITUAL- Prayer Journaling

Putting My Prayer Life In Order

I absolutely LOVE journaling! I have many journals from middle school and high school containing every detail of every day. I would sometimes write up to 20 pages in one sitting. 

I started a prayer journal when I was a teenager and found it was easier to write my prayers out. It kept my mind from wandering, and I felt more connected to God when writing. 

I have journals for both of my kids writing specifically to them. From the time I find out I'm pregnant, I write a page each month (ideally) describing what their personality is like and what milestones they have accomplished. I write what I hope for them and point out the good qualities I see in them. I am excited to give them their journal when they go to college or move out.

I have my regular journal where I write what is going on in life and where we are living, etc. I usually prefer hardcover journals with wire binders but this was all I had when I wanted to start.

My brother who is a missionary in the Middle East is a great journaler! He is also a writer, poet, musician, and talented at pretty much EVERYTHING. He writes beautifully and fills up journals with quotes and ponderings of his own. I found this notebook in his stuff and brought it with me to Bible School to be my prayer journal. 

The link under the first picture has so many great ideas for journaling! I am glad I came across this post on Pinterest because it caused me to dig out my prayer journal and crack it open again. I have gotten out of the habit of writing to the point where I literally get a sore hand that cramps up, and I don't write the correct letters! I mess up a lot of words writing "n" for "m" or mixing up "think" and "thing"!  Maybe I go too fast because I am used to being able to just push delete when I am typing too fast and make mistakes.  It looks worse when you mess up while writing in a journal with a pen.  It kind of shocked me that I kind of forgot how to write! 

I already include most of the things that she mentions in my prayer journals, but I do want to incorporate spiritual goals into my journal too.

My FAVORITE thing about journaling is going back and reading what I have written in the past! Flipping through my prayer journal tonight brought me to tears because it reminded me of  everything I have been through, good and bad. It instantly brought me back to the places that I have been, and encourages me to rekindle that passion I once had.  Going back and reading is like a pep talk to myself! It is so intimate and special. 

I encourage you to start your own prayer journal and watch your own relationship with God flourish! 

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