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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Guest Post-Family Photo-Letters


My guest poster Dawn and her cousins did this project as a Christmas gift for their Great-Grandmother. It was very special and she cried when receiving it! 

"We cut out the letters with poster board.  I changed them all to sepia and printed them off at our local CVS.  The frame was tricky but I ended up buying a panoramic one at Michaels to fit our 8 pictures. I taped them to the back to hold them still.  The trickiest part was getting them to all line up!  There were 9 cousins and the two youngest are sisters still living at home so they shared a picture." 

This is a great idea and I'm already formulating in my head if the number of my husbands cousins would line up with the number of letters in our last name. 

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