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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

FOOD-Baked Eggs in Avocado

I love avocado and I love eggs. I figured that putting them together would be amazing! Unfortunately, it wasn't the grand slam I thought it would be. I think with a little more research and experimenting, it could turn out pretty well. 

I didn't make the hole big enough, so a lot of the egg white spilled over the edge onto the pan. 

I saw completely conflicting directions on how to make this, so I tried to meet in the middle. Some said to put it at the lowest setting until the egg was cooked so the avocado wouldn't get bitter. Some said to put it around 400 degrees!  I baked it at around 250. 

It came out looking PERFECTLY done, but when I touched it with my fork, it was completely like rubber! I opened it up, and it wasn't quite done, so I mixed it up and put it back in for awhile. 

I put salt and pepper and cheese on it and ate it right out of the shell (peel?). It wasn't my favorite, but it might be okay if I try it again and do a few things differently. My 1 year old who also loves avocado and eggs ate it right up!

I used a junky pan because I thought the spill over might be messy and hard to get off and it had ridges so it wouldn't spill over the edge. I think the link mentioned to use a muffin tin so it keeps the avocado in place. I soaked and scrubbed and I still think there are egg white chunks stuck on the pan.

I'd love to hear any input of ideas how to make this better, or what you tried to make it unique! 


  1. I have never tried this. However, I did get a lot of enjoyment seeing the different photos of you trying it.

    1. Thank you for reading! I ended up dipping it in BBQ sauce which makes anything taste good!

  2. I love this idea!! Thank you for sharing.
    I'm so excited to try this out this weekend!!
    Healthy Blessings,
    Gena Livings - Healthy Living

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you come back and tell us how it turned out! :-)

  3. It sounds tasty! I might try this next time avocados go on sale. I think maybe a little bit of water in the pan with the avocados might help keep the eggs from getting rubbery.
    Visiting you kind of randomly from the Facebook UBC today. :)

    1. Yeah! That might have helped the pan clean off easier too! Thanks so much for the comment! :-)