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Monday, April 7, 2014

Guest Post-DIY Wedding Shadow Frame With Name

Tracy from MN submitted an amazing wedding gift she made for a very special couple using the above link as inspiration, but putting in her own unique twist. 

She said, "I used the Silhouette which is very similar to a cricut. They had monogram letters that were 50 cents in their design studio so I bought the "S" and then put their names and wedding date in using the silhouette program. You can use any color vinyl. I went with black to match the frame.

I bought a shadow box at JoAnn's Fabric and cut the burlap to fit and glued it on inside."

I attended this wedding as well, and it may have been the most fun and hilarious wedding I have ever been to (the couple is very fun-loving, so I should have expected as much). I loved every minute of it! Her wedding decorations were so neat and this gift went right along with the theme (shown below).